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Add nautical charts

Hi I work on an oil platform currently and use this radar daily. The ability to have a nautical chart option would help greatly with my location being where I am cell service is not possible and server location shows me well up north. I could see the potential for many offshore rigs using for this as we as vessels.


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thanks for your request and subscription!

Can you maybe show a screenshot of what you would like to see here? Or an example?

You should also be able to enter your lat,long coordinates for the correct location.

Issue is that Google now has raised the prices for their Maps service significantly so we suddendly would have to pay several 1000s for their service which is not sustainable for our business with revenues in the 100s.

What would the service be worth for you?


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    Yes I've so far just been to lazy to convert the coordinates to the typical nautical format. www.intellicast.com has a great example of what I'm looking for but they don't have the full screen you guys do. When you look at their interactive radar click layers and you'll see nautical charts. ENC charts can be downloaded for every charted body of water in the world for free from NOAA. I completely understand this potentially not being worth your time. However I could see oil industries and shipping industries paying a more premium price per year.

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