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Applying the Google Maps API Key to US Weather Radar

As Google has raised the prices for their Google Maps 10-20x we needed to make a change how we use Google Maps as part of US Weather Radar.

The new version relies on the user providing the Google Maps API key which can be created with the Google Developer console. Please create a key for the "Maps Javascript API" which should look similar to  "AIzaSyCcct8Il_2w6swMedonYYuedfayqe4gdWE". For more information about how to create the Google Maps API key please see below.

Please note: Using the Maps API with the new pricing can incure cost. For normal personal usage it should be fine - anyway please monitor your API page for any high usage patterns to avoid paying based on the Google price hike.

The Google Maps API key can be applied to US Weather Radar in 3 different ways:
  1. In the field for the key when starting US Weather Radar (Yellow region):
    To proceed please enter your Google Maps API key:  
    You can create your "Maps JavaScript API" key here: Google Developer
    The API key should look similar to: AIzaSyCcct8Il_2w6swMedonYYuedfayqe4gdWE  

  2. As parameter in the web address (URL):

  3. In the configuration section of US Weather to the right of 
    "Google Maps Key"
In case you see a grey large area with the message:
Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details

You need to follow option 3 from above and enter the correct Google Maps API key which should look similar to "AIzaSyCcct8Il_2w6swMedonYYuedfayqe4gdWE".

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